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Personal Exploration Space

The Need

our solution

Code of Aspirations


Bonfire and the sacred light

The Need

Many of us have found our other community groups to be lacking in some important dynamic, like authenticity, depth, safety, and/or autonomy.  We long to be a part of a group where we could be our authentic selves, sharing our journey, without risking rejection or severed relationship.

Our Solution

We have aspired to create a small group where we can…

  1. practice expressing our internal world without the risk of unsolicited feedback or rejection,
  2. practice listening empathetically and compassionately,
  3. integrate all aspects of self,
  4. honestly explore practical hypotheses and curiosities in pursuit of the highest personal good we are willing to pursue.
Bonfire and the sacred light

The Code of Aspirations

We are constantly refining our two sets of “rules” that we can’t always live up to, but always want to: 

  1. The first set describes how we want to listen and/or interact while others are sharing or exploring their inner lives.  
  2. The second set describes how we want to participate when we have the floor.

The main goals are safety, autonomy, acceptance, curiosity, growth, self-respect, and integration. 


Each meeting we read through our code of aspirations, spend a couple minutes silently centering, and then each person is given a set number of minutes for public, personal exploration, based on that week’s material.  Then we take a short break to use the restroom or refill our refreshments.  When we reconvene, we discuss and refine the core ideas behind our group.

Bonfire and the sacred light